How To Reduce Your Energy Usage On Your Hot Tub

With the rising cost of energy, we have been contacted by many customers asking what more can they do to reduce the electric consumption on their hot tub. Depending on the model of spa and usage patterns, there are a number of things that can be done which has prompted us to put together our ‘Economical Running Page’

Advice on Running your Hot Tub

With all our recommendations, we have done experiments first to confirm what we are advising you will work, trying to indicate what savings you can hope to achieve.

These things range from at a basic level, managing the spa temperature to better match your usage patterns, rather than keeping it on at Bathing Temperature 24/7 to looking at the addition of an Air Source Heat Pump.

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Pre-programming your spa to only heat at certain times of the day

With both Gecko and Balboa control systems, you can control when the Hot Tub is allowed to heat during the day (and on the Gecko system specific days of the week too.) This can be beneficial if you have Solar Panels or Economy 7 style tariff as you can heat when electricity is at its cheapest. However it can also allow the spa to automatically heat just before your bathing session meaning the least power possible is used to get the spa to temperature.

From our own showroom experiments, we saw a reduction of 20% of the electric used by the spa by only asking it to heat just before our three 30 minute bathing sessions per week.


Balboa and Gecko Programming Videos

So if you want to set your spa up to do this automatically, below are links to our Balboa and Gecko video, so depending which control system you have will guide which video to watch.

Balboa Control My Spa Wifi


Gecko in.touch2 Wifi TouchPad


75% reduction in Running Cost - Air Source Heat Pumps

Spoiler alert – we saw between 50% & 75% reduction on our electric consumption!

The latest innovation to reach the Hot Tub market is Air Source Heat pumps. These have been used in the Swimming Pool industry for many years but the technology has advanced allowing them to run at lower temperatures and also heat to higher temperatures that we typically run a Hot Tub at. Depending on the size of the Heat Pump, you can reduce your running costs by up to 75% over a year.

We have run experiments on the units we sell, in the videos below we use them as we quote to you ‘normal usage’ which is on permanently at 37.5 degrees Celsius with three 30 minute bathing sessions. You can of course implement the above measures to save more by only heating ahead of your bathing sessions or when your electricity is at its cheapest.

Here Geoff walks you through our R32 and HeatSeeker Air Source Heat Pumps connected to St Lucius Hot Tub in Shrewsbury. The St Lucius is one of the larger spas in the range allowing us to test the Heat Pumps to their full capabilities.

With both Heat Pumps, we disconnect the Electric Heater from the Spa and the Heat Pump replaces it. You control the set point temperature and heating windows through the topside control.

Fully integrated Inverter Heat pumps from Gecko

The Fully Integrated solution is provided by Gecko, one of the most respected names in Hot Tub equipment. Their In.temp Air Source Heat Pumps work seamlessly with the Control Panel on the spa and can be configured to run in tandem with the electric Heater if faster heatups are desired – something especially valuable in the Holiday Let market. Two power ratings are available, 5kw and 7.5kw. The 5kw unit is the entry proposition. Our pricing includes replacing the Control Pack, 3kw Heater and Topside Control. If your spa has the latest Gecko Pack – a discount may be available.

In this video Mark talks you through the entry 5kw unit and its performance in tandem with one of our BeWell Fiji Hot Tubs.

Gecko 5kw Heat Pump


If faster heat ups are required

The ultimate unit in our lineup is the in.temp 7.5kw Gecko unit. Again our pricing includes replacement control pack, control panel and heater. Here Bill one of our Directors runs you through the unit attached to his Melbourne Spa.

Gecko 7.5kw Heat Pump



Here are some additional videos relating to the running costs on our Range and BeWell range of hots tubs you may find helpful.

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