Electrical Access Guide

Electrical Requirements (32 amp hot tub only)

The advice we give regarding electrical requirements is always given as advice and you should in every occasion consult an electrician to ensure regulations are complied with.

32-amp hot tub – Prior to delivery you will need a qualified electrician to install the electrical cabling needed to power the hot tub/spa this will need to come directly from your consumer unit. A 30ma RCD must protect the spa circuit, ideally, an independent RCD that only powers the hot tub. A 32amp type B MCB must provide overcurrent protection. Cable size depends on the length of the run/route normally we tend to see 4-6mm cable. If your cable is to be ran externally we recommend a cable with mechanical and UV protection such as steel wired armoured cables or similar. You may also need an earth rod depending on your earthing system- this is down to your electrician to carry out a valid risk assessment. Finally, you will need an external isolator, we advise a 40-45amp rotary isolator with a IP67 rating as a minimum and no closer than 2 meters away from the hot / tub spa positioning site. Leave 7M of cable from the isolator, your electrician must connect this up into the isolator itself – we will connect the other end of the cable to the hot tub motherboard. If your isolator is placed more than 2m away from the spa location, add this to the 7m length of cable you leave for us. This must be safely isolated from the supply and left dead for us to perform the electrical connection onto the spa.

Your electrician must provide an electrical installation certificate and notify local building control of the works carried out.

Any installations we see on installation that does not have valid electrical test certification may not be connected if we deem the installation unsafe.


Electrical Requirements (plug & play hot tub only)

We recommend for all 13 Amp hot tubs that you provide a 13 Amp switched fused spur designed to be placed outdoors. This must be hard wired locally into your Ring final circuit inside your property, A 30ma RCD should protect this circuit. We strongly recommend a ring main is taken to the fused spur outlet and not a single cable spur. This must not be placed closer than 2m from your spa. You must connect a cable into the fused spur and leave a 5m coil of 1.5mm – 2.5mm 3 core flex suitable for outdoor use for us to directly connect onto your new hot tubs mother board.

The cable must be capped off to prevent electric shock and the fused spur left in the off position prior to delivery.

A risk Assesment can be carried out to deem wether an earth rod is required for your hot tub your electrician must do this.

Ensure you use a competent electrician and receive a Part P electrical  certificate after the works are complete.


Suitable Base

Your hot tub needs to sit on a hard level base:  patio, decking, gravel, paving are all fine.


Better Living Outdoors hot tubs come delivered on their side. Dimensions shown are the minimum access requirements to deliver and install your tub at the location of your choice.

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