At Better Living Outdoors, all of our luxury hot tub models come fitted with their own control system or control panel. This is the hub of your hot tub and gives you the control over a range of features including the jets, water temperature, lighting and music. The most popular control system that most hot tubs are fitted with is the Balboa Control System, however not every model will be fitted with this system. 


The Hub For Your Hot Tub

Hot tub spa control panels allow you to effortlessly power and change all the features that your hot tub has to offer. The amount of controls that your panel has will depend on the model that you choose. The more features your spa has, the more controls your panel will have. 

Here is an example of the features you can seamlessly control with your panel:

  • Jets
  • Heater/water temperature
  • LED Lighting
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Speakers


It Keeps You And Your Spa Safe To Use

Your control panel is also your first source if there is a technical issue with your hot tub. One way it can keep you safe is alerting you to if the water temperature is too high. If you see this warning message on your control panel, don’t enter the hot tub and keep the hot tub uncovered whilst you reset the control system. This will decrease the temperature so it is safe to use.

It can also alert you if there is a GFI or GFCI failure, meaning your hot tub is tripping the breaker. Since water and electricity is never a safe combination, you should get a technician to take a look instead of investigating it yourself.

There are also more obvious ways the control panel can tell you that something needs attention, such as a blank screen, no messages and no backlight. This tells you there are connectivity problems either with the control panel or within the mechanism of the hot tub which can be fixed quite easily.


The Balboa Control Panel

One of the largest manufacturers in the world, Balboa is the leading brand of electronic control systems for the spa and hot tub industry. Their innovative control panels are recognised for their ease of use and reliability so you can enjoy adjusting the features of your hot tub with no complications. That is why you can find the latest generation of Balboa control panels on a range of our hot tub spas including: Mykonos, Antigua and the Maximus. 

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