In the UK this week, you’re probably doing everything you can to stay cool during this heatwave which is bringing record-breaking temperatures to areas across the country. You’re probably stock-piling ice lollies, purchasing the last fan on the shelf and googling every tip and trick to keep your pets cool. Which means a hot tub is most likely not at the top of your shopping list. 

Most of us would probably prefer opting for a lukewarm shower to keep us cool instead of lounging in a warm bath or a hot tub. In fact, the last thing that we want to do during this heatwave is introduce anything that is going to bring more heat! 

But did you know that your hot tub can be used to keep you cool as well as warm?


How To Run Your Hot Tub Cold To Cool You Down

In this heatwave, the last thing you’ll probably want to do is warm up your hot tub and sit in even more heat. But using a hard-shelled spa at a slightly cooler temperature than you usually would can provide a refreshing break from the heat.

When you are trying to cool down in the heat, it’s always advised that you keep your water at a lukewarm temperature rather than a cold temperature. This is because our bodies will start to counteract the cold temperature and try and warm our bodies up, which is the opposite of what we want to happen!

Our bodies typically run at 36.5° so lounging in a hot tub spa that is running at 35° will go a long way to lower your core temperature. This temperature will help you to feel refreshed and cooled down without feeling so cold that your body either tries to counteract it by heating up, or that it’s too cold that you’ll want to get out of the hot tub. 


Experience Hydrotherapy Benefits In Your ‘Cool Tub’

The benefits of using a hot tub to keep you cool rather than a lukewarm pool, shower, or bath is that you also get the Hydrotherapy Pumps. These pumps give your body and muscle groups an invigorating massage and can help to reduce pain and muscle inflammation. So you can relax in your hot tub and experience the relief of keeping cool in the hot weather, whilst also benefiting from the hydrotherapy to relax muscles.


Keeping Temperatures And Running Costs Down

If you are conscious about running costs for the hot tub, this is something that is minimal during the summer temperatures. Since we are using the hot tubs to cool down and keeping it at a lower temperature than usual, the hot tub won’t require as much energy, since no heating is required for the temperature that we need. 

Even when you are not using the heating for your hot tub, it will still function just like you would use it in the colder months for some warmth. So your hot tub will still filter the water and keep it clean, safe and enjoyable.


Hot Tubs Are For All Seasons, Not Just Summer

Sadly, our summers don’t last forever. But don’t despair, as even when the temperatures tumble and we enter the autumn/winter months, you can still enjoy your hot tub to its full potential. Hard-shelled spas are designed to heat up the water to your desired temperature (with a maximum temperature of 40°) and our innovative insulations system means the water doesn’t lose the heat quickly when you aren’t using it. 

So you can enjoy the benefits of a hot tub no matter how warm or cold it is outside!


For more information on using your hot tub in the summer, get in touch with our team, browse our website, or visit your nearest showroom.

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