We all know that hot tubs provide a deeply relaxing and therapeutic experience – something that we all crave after a long day. However studies have shown how the warm water and powerful jets can provide an intense hydrotherapy experience and can help ease muscle pain, joint pain, arthritis and fibromyalgia. 


It Takes The Weight Off Your Muscles and Joints

There are multiple features of a hot tub that can help to ease your muscle and joint pain. This can help with a range of issues from lower back pain, to arthritis and other conditions such as fibromyalgia.

According to Arthritis.org heat therapy such as soaking in a hot tub can help relax stiff joints, improve flexibility and ease pain in targeted areas. They also emphasise how the buoyancy of the water takes the weight off your muscles and joints, which can quickly ease pressure and pain from the arthritic areas.


The Warm Temperatures Relax Tense Muscles

Physical Therapy and Injury Specialists have been recommending ‘warm water therapy’ to reduce inflammation and swelling as well as increase circulation. This can help aid recovery from physical injuries as well as ongoing muscular conditions.

As soon as you step into the hot tub, the warm temperature of the water begins to relax your body, encouraging tense muscles and stiff joints to unwind. This will also help to let your mind unwind and can help to improve your sleep. You can read more about how regular hot tub sessions can improve your sleep by reading our previous blog post here.


The Jets Provide a Deep Massage Experience

Something that hot tubs can offer that a regular bathtub (or an inflatable hot tub) can’t, is their powerful jets. These jets can be found in our range of hot tubs to provide a deep massage experience. Our range of hot tubs come with various jet formations that can target your whole body, or they can target specific muscle groups for a deeper and more intense hydrotherapy experience.

Although inflatable hot tubs do have jets, they provide more of a ‘bubbly’ experience rather than a therapeutic massage for targeted areas. If you are wanting a hot tub to help with your physical health and to ease painful symptoms, we recommend investing in a hard-shelled hot tub with more powerful jets.

Browse our range of hot tubs today and talk to our advisors about how our hot tubs can provide a deep hydrotherapy experience to aid your physical health.

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