The Covid pandemic and continuous lockdowns has seen the UK staycation market boom. The country saw a rapid increase in demand for holiday let bookings as people try and experience a holiday when leaving the country for an abroad holiday was proving complex and expensive. Even though 2022 has seen more countries removing their travel barriers, making holidays abroad even more likely this year, there is still a large proportion of people who are still opting for a UK staycation. 

Suddenly holiday-let owners are experiencing intense competition to deliver the best experience possible for their guests – with a huge demand for holiday homes with hot tubs. If you own a holiday home and are looking for a way to take advantage of the huge increase in demand, increase bookings or stand out from the competition, you could benefit from our Better Living Outdoors commercial hot tubs. We’ve put together a simple guide to help you decide if installing a commercial hot tub is a smart decision for your holiday home and what is good to know before you purchase.


Boost Your Bookings by 50% and Pricing by 10-20%

With the incredible demand for staycations and a large proportion of people searching for holiday lets with hot tubs, you can easily take advantage of the wave of demand by installing a hot tub in your holiday home. If you are looking at the long-term advantages of having a hot tub, even once the pandemic is behind us, we found that holiday home owners pre-pandemic saw a 50% increase in their bookings once they started advertising that they had a hot tub. 

As well as a potential increase in bookings, you also have the opportunity to increase the nightly prices of your stays due to having the luxury feature of a hot tub. On average you could potentially increase your bookings by 10%-20%, but it is up to you if you want to change your prices once you have your hot tub installed.  Overall we know that adding a hot tub can increase the earnings from your property by over 50% with increased bookings, a higher rent charged and an extended season as hot tubs are at their best in the colder months.


Our Commercial Hot Tubs Are Designed To Be Low Maintenance

You might be thinking that your time will be taken up maintaining and cleaning your hot tub in between guests and stays. Or you might be worried that your guests will accidentally tamper with the hot tub and it will be costly to fix any potential damage. Our Better Living Outdoors commercial hot tubs are designed to be low maintenance for you and tamper proof for guests. 

The hot tubs have an automatic chemical dosing system that keeps the chlorine sanitiser levels in the water steady, even with multiple guests using the hot tub. This keeps the hot tub clean and ready-to-use for guests during their stay.

Our commercial hot tubs are designed to be easy for the guests to operate, whilst also being tamper-proof. The guests can control the features that they need for an enjoyable soak in the hot tub, without having access to any unnecessary settings and controls that could cause the hot tub to stop working or become damaged.


What To Do Before Purchasing A Commercial Hot Tub

Before you purchase a commercial hot tub, check that you have enough area for the hot tub to be installed and that it’s in an ideal spot that your guests can enjoy. For instance somewhere more private, quiet and with a view will offer the best experience for your guests.

Once you have picked the ideal spot, make sure that the area where you want the hot tub is on solid, level ground prior to the hot tub being installed. You want to create a relaxing experience for your guests when they are using the hot tub, so think of what you can do to the surrounding area to help this. 

Your new Hot Tub will need to comply with Health & Safety Guidance 282 (HSG282) which ensures that your guests are kept safe whilst using the spa.  We can ensure that the Hot Tub we provide you with complies and you know what you need to do to upkeep it inline with the Guidance.

For more information or to enquire about our commercial hot tubs, call the team on 0800 066 2822 or visit our showrooms in Durham, Shrewsbury and Aylesbury.

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