If you’re looking to take the plunge into purchasing a hard-shelled hot tub, you’re probably wondering how much you are going to use it. You’re probably also thinking that you’re going to use it during the summer and then avoid it in the winter. Not only do we recommend using your hot tub all-year round, but we prefer to lounge in our hot tubs in the cooler months compared to the summer!


Hard-Shelled Spas Are Built For All Seasons

You might think that you are going to use the hot tub more in the summer months compared to the winter. This might be the case if you purchase an inflatable spa, as they are built for summer weather but are prone to damage during the colder months. However, hard-shelled hot tubs are built for durability and can be used during all seasons, not just summer (and yes, we are talking about the UK climate!)

Inflatable spa manufacturers advise you to put them away in the winter months as the external pump/heater unit runs the risk of freezing. This is due to the pipework being exposed and inflatable spas having no insulation. With a hard-shelled spa, all the pumps and heaters are encapsulated within the insulated side panels, meaning they are less prone to damage from the colder weather.

Also, since inflatable spas are not insulated, the water temperature will decrease incredibly quickly causing running costs to be very high.  With the hard shell spas, the innovative insulation helps retain your heat, keeping energy costs as low as possible.

Should the snow arrive, your inflatable spa lid is not going to cope with this and the weight will drop it into the water -far from ideal.  The Reinforced Insulated Lids on Hard Shell spas will cope with snowfall – although we advise brushing off the snow regularly or in heavy weather.


Hot Tubs Are More Enjoyable In the Colder Months

Although you might not enjoy spending time in your garden during the colder months, we prefer the cooler weather for lounging in a hot tub. The contrast of the cooler air and the warmer, temperature-controlled water makes for a more relaxing experience compared to the summer months. 

It’s always worth remembering when you are heading out to the spa, the water is waiting for you at up to 40°C.  And when you are getting back out, the warmth of your home is only a short dash away. 

If you are thinking that the darker nights might deter you from enjoying a hot tub in the winter, our hot tubs come fitted with luxury LED lighting that can be changed to fit your mood and illuminate your tub for the perfect ambiance.


Experience The Health Benefits Year-Round

Hydrotherapy is known to help people who experience a variety of physical pains and can help to ease sore muscles and stiff joints with regular sessions. The buoyancy of the water relieves pressure from the affected joints and allows the muscles to unwind and relax, potentially helping your pain to melt away. 

The warm water and massage jets in hot tubs can provide great health benefits if you suffer from physical pain in your muscles or joints when the weather turns cold. Just 30 minutes in a hot tub on a regular basis can help ease pressure and pain and aid in mobility. 

The warm water will help to relax your body and mind.  If you struggle to sleep, a short session in your spa 30 mins before bedtime can help you drift off. 


If you’re interested to see how you can use a hot tub all-year round, get in touch with our team or visit one of our showrooms in Durham, Shrewsbury and Aylesbury.

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