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Most people associate a Hot Tub with relaxing or partying in the Summer Months but if that is what you think, you are really missing out.

The best time for Spa use is the winter when the temperatures have dropped and if your lucky, the snow has been falling. Whatever the temperature outside, your Spa water will still be hot, anything up to 40 degrees celsius at your discretion. When you are deep in your spa with only your head above the water, you will be kept toasty as your cardiovascular system moves the heat around your body.

Its true its cold outside as you head to the Hot Tub but I’m not advocating rolling in the snow like our Scandinavian cousins do. Just drop into the deep hot soothing waters of your spa as soon as you can. It’s a good idea to invest in a thick towelling robe that will not only keep the worst of the cold off as you head out to the spa but will help dry you on the way back to the house at the end of your bathing session.

In our 32amp spas, as you enjoy the massage therapy the heater will maintain your ideal water temperature ensuring your bathing session can be as long as you desire.

Inevitably, as outside temperatures fall the running costs on the Hot Tub can rise a little but so long as your spa is well insulated, like all Better Living Outdoors spas, you will only suffer Heat Loss when the Thermal Cover is removed as you bathe.

Don’t worry about your spas plumbing freezing, so long as you leave the Hot Tub running it will keep everything safe and well, all Better Living Outdoors spas have intuitive Winter Modes that ensure a freeze situation cannot occur.

If we really can’t persuade you to use your spa through the winter months, please don’t just turn it off as this will lead to freezing, even if you have drained it.

You will need to winterise your spa which is best done by using a Wet-vac to suck all the water from the spas pipework (you’ll be amazed how much water there is in there) and then drain the pumps and heater to ensure no water is left within the spa which could freeze. This kind of procedure is best done by a professional but you don’t know what your missing!

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