You may think that an inflatable hot tub is the most cost-effective way of enjoying a bubbly, relaxing hot tub experience in your own garden. However, owning an inflatable tub can become costly in maintenance and won’t provide the same hydrotherapy experience that a hard-shelled hot tub provides. Read our 4 reasons to invest in a hard-shelled hot tub.


1. Much More Durable Than An Inflatable Spa

Our hard-shelled spas are made out of acrylic fibre-glass, meaning there is no risk of punctures and common types of damage that people experience with standard inflatable spas. We have customers contacting us on a regular basis to tell us their inflatable hot tub only lasted around 6 months before gaining a puncture or tear, rendering the spa unusable. We find that simple accidents such as your cat catching their claws, or someone jumping on the spa can cause inflatable hot tubs to be permanently damaged.

The hard-shelled material also makes our spas highly durable through all seasons and weather conditions. In our experience, we would expect our spas to last at your homes for around 10 years. 


2. Enjoy Your Warm Spa Everyday of the Year

Hard-shelled spas are fitted with their own insulation system, meaning they keep the water in your spa at a controlled temperature, even when you are not using it. This saves time, money and energy, with less time waiting around for your spa to get hot. Inflatable hot tubs can take between 12 to 24 hours to heat up to a desired temperature each time that you want to use it, as the water quickly becomes cool as soon as you are finished.

Hard-shelled spas take 20 hours initially to heat up, then the insulation systems regulate the temperature so it can take as little as 20 minutes to increase the temperature of your spa.

No more waiting for your spa to warm up and running costs are as little as £1.30 to £1.50 per day. 


3. Have a True Hydrotherapy Experience 

One prime feature of our hard-shelled spas are their powerful massage jets. These are arranged in a variety of formations around the hot tub to target the full body or specific muscle groups to provide a deep massage experience. The massage therapy encourages tense muscles to unwind and the buoyancy of the water takes pressure off painful joints. This has shown to help people who experience painful conditions, such as arthritis.

You can read our previous blog post here for more information about how hot tubs can help with your physical health and various conditions.

With inflatable hot tubs, they use an Air Introduction System to power their jets. However, these jets usually create a ‘bubbly’ effect rather than massaging and relaxing your body. Also, this system draws air from outside the hot tub and is forced through the jets, which causes the water in the hot tub to start cooling. Hard-shelled hot tubs pump air from inside the spa, with no risk to the warm water dropping in temperature.


4. Less Time Cleaning and More Time Relaxing in Your Hot Tub

Hot tubs usually need filters to make sure the water is consistently clean. You may find that inflatable hot tubs will need the filter changing on a weekly basis, on average. However, depending on how often you are using your hot tub, you may need to change the filters on a more regular basis. This means less time enjoying your hot tub and more time changing filters.

With a hard-shelled spa like ours, you will be provided with a filter that fits into the hot tub and will last around 12 months. Apart from a fortnightly rinse, the filter does not need replacing as often as filters for an inflatable hot tub. Our filters also retail for £25, saving you a huge amount compared to buying new filters on a weekly basis.


Hard-shelled hot tubs are an investment where you instantly see the benefits, both in time, money and your health and wellbeing. Browse your range of hot tubs online today and speak to an advisor who can help find you the perfect hot tub.

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