Deciding which hot tub is right for you can mean comparing a number of models and features. One of those decisions might involve comparing 13AMP and 32AMP hot tubs. A 13AMP hot tub is easier to install with a standard 3-pin plug, however, you are limited to either running the jets or the heater whilst you are using it. A 32AMP hot tub requires an electrician to install it, but boasts more power and you are able to use the jets and pump at the same time.


What Is The Difference Between a 13AMP and 32AMP Hot Tub?

The main difference between the 13AMP and 32AMP hot tub is how they are powered. A 13AMP hot tub – also called the ‘Plug and Play’ hot tub –  uses a standard 3-pin plug to connect to your power supply. As long as you have an outdoor 3-pin socket, you don’t need an electrician to help install your hot tub – you simply plug it into the socket and you’re ready! 

You will usually find that the 13AMP hot tubs are on the lower end of the pricing scale compared to other models. You can view the prices of our Florence hot tub and Tuscany hot tub to see what prices you can expect for a 13AMP hot tub. We find that these hot tubs are popular amongst people who are looking to upgrade from an inflatable hot tub.

Are you deciding between an inflatable or hard-shelled spa? Read our previous blog post where we break down how investing in a hard-shelled hot tub can be a long-term, cost-effective solution.

Compared to a 13AMP hot tub, A 32AMP hot tub is not able to use a 3-pin plug and requires an electrician to connect the hot tub to the power supply. This is due to the hot tub conducting more power than the 13AMP models. 

You will usually find that these hot tubs are priced higher than the 13AMP hot tubs, they come with more multifunctional features due to the increased power supply. Depending on what features you are wanting from your hot tub, a 32AMP might be a more beneficial purchase than a 13AMP


Is It Cheaper To Choose a 13AMP over a 32AMP?

Like we said, it depends on what features you are wanting from your hot tub that might see one model being a more cost-effective purchase. Firstly these models are typically priced lower than the 32AMP hot tubs and then there are the running costs. With a 13AMP hot tub only needing a standard 3-pin plug and also consuming less power, you may find that running costs are lower compared to a more powerful hot tub. However keep in mind that if you will require an electrician to install a 3-pin outdoor socket if you don’t have one before you can power your hot tub.

However, the 13AMP hot tub does have its limitations when it comes to the jet pumps and the heater. Firstly, 13AMP hot tubs are limited to having a single jet pump. This doesn’t mean that you can’t experience a relaxing, hydrotherapy experience with a single pump, but keep in mind that you can find hot tubs with more than one jet pump on more powerful models. 

Also, due to the limited power supply, 13AMP hot tubs are only able to run either the jet pumps or the heater and can’t run them together. During the summer and particularly warm days, this won’t be an issue, however, if you are looking for a hot tub to also use in the colder, winter months, you may have to choose between the soothing jets and keeping your water temperature toasty.

Compared with the 13AMP, the 32AMP hot tub does conduct more power and will require an electrician to connect it to the power supply. This may see your running costs being slightly higher due to needing more power. However, 32AMP hot tubs are able to run the pump jets and the heaters cohesively, with no need to compromise between a gentle massage and heated water! You may also find that these hot tubs are not limited to a single pump jet and may offer more jets than the 13AMP hot tubs are able to.


Which One Is Best For Me?

Depending on what you are wanting to get out of your hot tub that will determine whether a 13AMP and 32AMP hot tub is a good fit. 32AMP hot tubs offer you the flexibility of using the hot tub effectively throughout the year, including the colder months, which may suit people who are wanting regular hydrotherapy sessions. However the 13AMP hot tubs offer people who are looking for easy installation, with powerful jets and a lower price. 

You can browse our range of 13AMP and 32AMP hot tubs online today and speak to one of our advisors who can help you find the perfect hot tub for you

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