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Starter Kit Hot Tub, Inflatable Tub, Outdoor Pool

£35.00 Inc VAT

The AquaSPArkle Spa Chlorine Starter Kit includes: Chlorine Granules, pH Minus, pH Plus, Total Alkalinity Builderr & 3 Way Test Strips. AquaSPArkle Spa Starter Pack is a handy chemical kit providing essential spa treatment products. This will maintain safe bathing water within your spa. Kit includes start up guide.

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Kit contains:

  • 0.5 kg spa Stabilised Chlorine granules
  • 0.5 kg spa pH plus
  • 0.5 kg spa pH minus
  • 0.5 kg spa Total Alkalinity Builder
  • Hot Tub Test Strips

(and maybe a rubber duck!)

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