Think of saunas and your mind probably brings up images of Scandinavian countries, deep snow and pine forests, or being on a relaxing break at a luxurious spa. During these chilly winter months, the idea of having your own sauna at home is very appealing. Not only can you be all toasty and warm, saunas have therapeutic benefits too, relaxing tired muscles and brains, helping detoxify your body and mind.

Having a sauna installed at home is very rewarding but it is a big decision, and there are few things to think about.

Do you want it inside or out? You definitely don’t need lots of space, as two person saunas are barely bigger than a large cupboard, although you can get those that will fit six to eight at a time if you like your saunas to be a sociable thing.
If you have the space in your garden, then a sauna can really enhance your outdoor living experience and they can look stunning too.

Traditional or Modern?

Saunas are constructed from wood and traditionally they’re heated with a stove and hot stones, which you can pour water on to create steam. These are sometimes called wet/dry saunas.

Traditional saunas can be installed inside your home and outdoors too, although you will need to put additional insulation to prevent heat loss – a cold sauna is not a sauna! Keep in mind that you’ll need to get a qualified electrician to fit and wire in the stove, which can add to the cost.

Modern saunas use infrared lamps to heat them, so although you don’t get the option to add water to the heat source, this type of sauna is the perfect choice if you’d like yours indoors. Infrared saunas are quicker and cheaper to install, as you don’t require a professional electrician to fit them.

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